Voices from the Shanties: A Post-Earthquake Rapid Assessment of Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince"
March 2010
This INURED report looks at aid distribution, violence, sanitation, and mental and physical health from the shanties of Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince.




The Challenge for Haitian Higher Education: A post-earthquake assessment of higher education institutions in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area
March 2010
The report provides an assessment of higher education institutions after the January 12th earthquake that leveled many of the major institutions throughout Port-au-Prince. It also examines deficiencies of the current system and proposes recommendations for improving the tertiary education challenges facing the nation.

Cutting-edge Research - Through its affiliation with universities throughout the Americas the Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development (INURED) conducts incisive research on gang violence, education policy, impact of international aid projects, environmental policies, and national disaster prevention funded by the Haitian Federal Government, World Bank, MUNISTAH (UN), US Embassy, among others. This research is often undertaken with community partnerships and shared extensively throughout the international aid and NGO community in Haiti.
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